Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Two More Misaki (Capes)...Soya and Noshappu

Breakfast at the new ryokan...

The most northern point in Japan is not Cape Sukoton on Rebun but Cape Soya at Wakkanai. The difference is not much. Shots...

A street with Russian signage on the way to the bus terminal. 
The Wakkanai Anniversary Tower.
Wakkanai Airport...one plane.
Clear water of the sea through the bus window.
The lay of the land at Cape Soya.
Lay of the land showing Cape Soya, Cape Nosahappu and those islands we know so well, plus Sakhalin.
The monument at Japan's northern most northern point. 

There are a lot of monuments and structures at Cape Soya. This is an old Imperial Navy observation post, keeping an eye on the Russians back in the day.

Remember that Korean airliner shot down by the Soviet Union, Flight 007? This monument was erected by the surviving family members.
Lunch at the Cape. This was one of those experiences where the waitress did her best to convince that Japanese food was something that I could not deal with. It gets tiresome.

People leaving witness at the bus shelter at Cape Soya.

Wakkanai Airport on the way back to the bus terminal...
Then on to Cape Noshappu...
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One of those ferries again.
The tallest lighthouse next to the aquarium.
The cape.
Lay of the land.
Too late in the day for fishing.
Garden art for anchors.
Japanese Defense Forces.
The inside of a Wakkanai municipal bus.

After my visits to the capes I had to take the CD to Kobayashi-san, the curry chef/tuba player. I hadn't planned on eating there, but I liked the curry pasta, so why not. This time I had soup curry, which is popular here and a dish I haven't had. Tasty. I gave him the CD. Much to my horror he put it on the player and turned up the speakers. I never encourage this kind of behavior because my music not really appropriate for such situations. In fact, if someone does it, I strongly advise them, for the sake of their customers, to take it off. I, however, don't speak Japanese, so I let it play. He let it play, no customers complained.

Soup curry.

 Kobayashi-san and yours truly

Kobayashi and his son.

Cherry blossoms were happening in Wakkanai. I had to go all the way north to see them in profusion, but I saw them.

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