Monday, June 17, 2013

Sunday at the festival.

Film of a couple the groups from the festival. Keep in mind that by the time these folks got to where I was filming, they had already done their routine about nine times with only a few minutes of rest in-between. Oh, and I bought the conversion software, so you don't have to deal with the watermarks on the Ainu videos. Lucky you. (In the corner of each of these it will give you the option to watch on that option; it is much better viewing experience.)

This last video is of what seemed to me to be a conglomeration of groups - a little shared joy at the end of that part of the competition. They also had a live band, the only one I saw.

Not a lot of photos this day; I spent my energies on the video aspect. But a few...

Busy subway station. The town was abuzz.


A sound truck.

These things were really loud. I learned from Saturday and took ear plugs on Sunday.

Blossoms at the tower.

The tower.

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