Saturday, June 29, 2013

06-25 & 26

I made my first visit to a Japanese laundromat today. It is a perfect example of how temples and shines are everywhere in Kyoto. It is small facility with five washers and three dryers, on a narrow residential street. Across the street and two houses down is a shrine, next door is a shrine, half way down the street is a shrine. They are everywhere. 

Later that evening, I went with Jesse to check out the Urbanguild Kyoto, venue for the upcoming show, then a walk down a traditional Kyoto street that has several establishments where apprentice geishas train.

The shrine next door.

Urbanguild Kyoto.

The club is on the third floor.

The street that Urbanguild resides on.

Apprentice geisha establishments are marked with a black plaque like this one. 

The 26th...

Meyou found an inexpensive rehearsal space. It is at a bike rental shop. So is the cafe pictured below. Bike rental/repair, cafe, bookstore and rehearsal shopping.

This is the guy that runs the studio...

...he plays ukelele. So does Meyou, it turns out. Strange it would be such a popular instrument. Do you play ukelele?

At Demachiyanagi, where the Keihan Rail Line ends and the Eizan Railway begins is a bakery with fine, fresh products. The owner plays violin and can sometimes be seen and heard in the bak, practicing the violin. Upstairs from the bakery the business has a "listening room." They play classical music. You can sit down and listen. You cannot talk or make noise of any kind. It is only for listening. There is a one drink minimum and a ¥500 listening fee. You can bring food up from the bakery below, but you must unwrap and plate it before you enter the room. You listen to what they play, not what you request.  Those are the rules. It is a great idea. I don't see it working in Los Angeles.

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