Monday, September 18, 2017

End of Summer Into Fall, Part 2

Yes, there's more.

08/27. Nisei Week Ondo.

The Nisei Week Ondo marks the end of the Obon season. It was less populated this year, which made it a bit more enjoyable. I didn't dance at this one either. Actually, I've never danced at this one. Somehow it is less inviting, although this year is the only year I considered dancing.

Some miscreants scaling a local building.

Actually, I talked to them later in the day. They were nice kids having some fun. I'm glad they didn't get caught.

The Elvis' are at many of the Obons. This is the first time I've
seen this young guy, usually it is just the old guys. Mostly
really old guys. It is good to see that they are thinking of the future.

I see these enthusiastic guys at a lot of the Obons, but as individ-
uals. Today they found each other and jumped for joy.

I take a shot of this prison whenever I can find an excuse.

09/02. Hats from the Masonic Museum in the Marciano Museum in the old Scottish Rite Auditorium.

I have a thing for caps and hats. Needless to say, this place was an eye-opener. There are several I wouldn't mind having.

09/04. A new old instrument - the Cornu.
An instrument of the ancient (Hey, what's going on with the spelling rule: "i" before "e" except after "c?") Roman Legions. This horn was made by Brad Close. He made one for himself first. You can see it hanging on the wall in the top photo. I had him make one for me, with a receiver that could take a bass trombone mouthpiece, be a bit more conical and most importantly in pieces so that I can break it down for travel. A horn shaped like this one is very delicate and I intend to use it. I don't want damaged getting it around town. Brad didn't like doing it, but he did a very fine job. 

09/07. Fred Lonberg-Holm.

Fred is an improvising cellist based in Chicago, soon to move to New York. He had a performance scheduled in Los Angeles and was kind enough to ask me to join him for an improvisation. It went very well. Quite a lot of fun actually. It also gave me an excuse to have dinner at Fusion Burgers.

The two Michaels. Michael I., in the background; Michael V., in the foreground. Michael V., is not asleep, he is listening deeply.

09/12. Carl Stone.

Carl was also in town. A performance was offered at Art Share L.A. First was a duet with Akaihirume, followed by two improvisations with the large ensemble adding Tania Chen, Kio Griffith, Hans Fjellestad and yours truly. Masa Tsuzuki did the sound. It was Akaihirume's birthday. The cake was tasty. 

Sunday, September 17, 2017

End of Summer Into Fall, Part 1

It is very easy to get behind. So it goes. Sorry. Things have been happening. The usual. There are so many sets of photos that I have split them into two posts. Not much text. You have the background on the Obons. The rest is fairly self-explanatory. Keep on truckin'.

08/10. The Ranchside Cafe.

The Ranchside Cafe is in Lakeview Terrace. They serve Ethiopian food. If you've ever been to Lakeview Terrace, you'd know how unusual this is. That place is full of cowboys, horses and shooting ranges. It is the community that officers of the Los Angeles Police Dept. beat Rodney King. That should tell you a lot. Fortunately, life moves on. Things, places and people change. French horn player Steve Durnin, hipped me to this place. They have a very mixed menu. Typical American breakfast, Mexican and...Ethiopian. 

08/12. Obon in Gardena.

Gardena is the last of the community Obons in the L.A. area. Because it is such big festival, you have to park a good walk away. Like much of southern California, if you walk just a little way, you are sure to pass some outstanding plants expressing themselves. I didn't dance this time. Just wasn't in that frame of mind. A fine time was had by all anyway. 

08/13. LeRoy Downs' Jazz Brunch.

LeRoy Downs is the Jazzcat. LeRoy has been presenting improvised music over the airwaves for over a decade. He is the host/master of ceremonies of many a live jazz concert and festival on the West Coast. Check out his blog the JazzCat, to know what the haps are in the improvised music world, centered mostly around "jazz." Now adding to his other activities, he has turned impresario. He invited me to perform at his first Jazz Brunch. I invited Joseph Mitchell. As Judicanti Responsura, we performed a duo version of Procyon lotor. 

08/14. Recording with Brad Dutz and Scott Ray.

At Scot Ray's suggestion, Brad Dutz invited me over to record some improvs with the two of them. A fine time was had by all. Some of the piece were pretty good, I think. I haven't heard the recordings yet. I find it best to have some time pass before reviewing the music.

08/15. Black Goat Lunch.

Black goat stew at Mirak, in Korea Town. I went with the burger group. We were missing one member. His loss.

This is not Mirak. We wanted something sweet afterwards. The boba bar had this strange poster.

08/26. Wedding Gig.

Did a wedding gig with a brass quintet in Santa Barbara. It was an impressive church. Lots of wood. Nothing about it was impressive as the socks of our leader.