Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Body Parts, Yak Stew, Stitches and the Watts Towers Jazz Festival

I got a shipment of horns recently. Fortunately they shipped right before Hurricane Irma became a problem. They were coming from Florida. The shot here shows the horns before I cut them. They are three rams horns, two gemsbok horns and a polished water buffalo horn. I would say that the cutting was successful, just not as much as I would have wished. One ram's, one gemsbok's and the buffalo were unmitigated successes. The others will be usable in some way or other. That is not a bad ratio as these things go. 50/50. By far the best of them all is the water buffalo horn. Not what I expected. 

Not many days after, I went out and had a bowl of yak stew. In my book it was soup, but the menu said stew and I figure they have their reasons.

I am in the midst of getting two tooth implants. The extractions took place a long time ago. Last two weeks ago the screws were put in. Last week the stitches came out. In two or three months the crowns will go on.

Sunday I went to the Watts Towers Jazz Festival. It was a difficult decision, I didn't want to leave the house. Vlatkovich was playing in a band led by Danny Cortez and Ray Harris. I went to Locke High School with those guys. I wanted to see them again. I had a talk with Danny, didn't get to speak with Ray. I ran into a lot of other people, some of whom I see often, others I hadn't seen for a decade or two. I don't always enjoy these experiences, but Sunday was fun. Until the pit bull...

Yak stew.

The stitches are out now.

I assume something is inscribed on this obelisk,
but I've never gone close to look. It is kind of
strange, standing out there all alone in that field. 

Had to get an order of chili fries. These evoke a very different
memory for me than chili rice. It is a Locke High School related

Two exceptional bassists. Nedra Wheeler and Michael Alvidrez.

Nedra Wheeler and yours truly.

Roy Gaines and his Tuxedo Blues Band.

Pianist and composer Bobby West on the left greeting a well-wisher.

Trombonist Phil Ranelin (right) in conversation listening to someone.

A dandy.

A music lover joining in.

Vocalist Dwight Trible.

Who else but Michael Vlatkovich?

Lisa Marie, Michael and Shante.

You can fill in the blanks.

Neal. Hadn't seen him for ages. 

Tracy getting ready to tuck into the burger at Hawkins.