Monday, June 24, 2013

Kyoto Philosophy

Yesterday was mostly dry. Like today, I had to stay in until the afternoon working on music for one of the Tokyo concerts. I made it a point to get out before the rains came back to do the Philosopher's Path walk. (It is so close to where I am staying that it would a crime not to take it.) This runs along a canal from Lake Biwa. There are shrines and temples along the way that you can stop at if you wish. It is really true what they say about this city - there is a temple or shrine every few yards. There are about four between the house and the laundermat I'm going to walk to today or tomorrow.

On the way to meet up with Jesse for dinner, I got caught in a short deluge. It was a deluge. Here is something I don't understand, something I've seen everywhere, not just in Japan…It has been raining cats and dogs here, yet at the beginning of my walk, I passed a woman outside watering her plants. 

Later I stopped by the UrbanGuild Kyoto, where I am playing on Thursday to check out the space. It should be interesting.

Taxis, taxis, always taxis.

From the bottom of the street to one of the shrines.

Layout of the shrine.

You are being watched, even at the temples and shrines.

From the top of the street.

Local flora.

For those who want something different.

I finally rang one of these. The locals ring it, bow, then clap their hands twice. I just rang it.

You remember all the guys with the caps in Tokyo? The get bibs here.

Local fauna.

Fishing for dinner.

This has got to be one of the longest and loneliest subway corridors I have experienced. 

One of the bands performing last night at UrbanGuild Kyoto.


  1. Hard to believe it's been two months alread - are you taping the performances? Thank you for letting me experience your trip vicariously.

  2. Neither of the Kyoto performances were taped. It may happen here in Tokyo, but I will probably not concern myself with those matters. I brought equipment for such, but have too many other issues to deal with. We will see what happens.