Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Last day in Sapporo and the Overnight Train to Kyoto

Hotel check-out was at 10:00 AM; train departure at 2:05 PM, so I had some time. Some shopping for essentials was necessary, then I did a final ride on the subway line I had not ridden. Ended up at a botanical garden. There was also a little park across the street. I went to that afterwards. I was hounded (or crowed) by two crows. This happened to me by a single crow in some other city here. I don't remember which. But that crow only made one pass at me, so I convinced myself that it did not have malicious intent. After today I know that I have been fooling myself. These two crows...I heard them first. One, then the other, very loud. Then they did their cawing in unison. One flew down at me from behind. It got close enough that I could hear and feel the air streams generated from its flapping wings. I didn't want to believe that what I thought was happening was happening. When the other one did the same thing and it continued - about five passes, I had to accept that they were seriously messing with me. There was a picnic bench with a copola, so I sat down there and they quieted down, came together and were affectionate towards each other. Obviously a couple. Then an old lady walked through the park. They paid no attention to her. I figured they were now cool and I could get out of there. Wrong. As soon as I started moving they were at me again. I thought maybe they had a nest they were worried about, but they followed and messed with me for two blocks out of that park. I got recipes for crow meat.

Right now it is 9:40 PM. We are on the mainland. That tunnel took only39 minutes to get through. Not bad. We will probably leave and I'll lose connectivity from my pocket wi fi before I can post this. I feel the engines again. It may not go up before I get to Kyoto, still about 14 hours from now.

We're moving, so I'm going to publish and edit and supplement later. Hope not too many mistakes.

I'm not sure I took any photos of the north side of Sapporo station. 

Another double-decker bicycle parking lot.

Empty subway corridor at the park station.

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