Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Fukuyama Castle

Just to make things a little current, today June 4, I have arrived in Nemuro, Hokkaido. I am coming to the end of a train tour of Hokkaido. Tomorrow I will take a bus to Nosappu Misaki, the eastern-most point in Japan open to the public.

From my walk after arriving at the train station. I waited a bit before going to the hotel.
Now back to the plane tour of Japan.

So the whole deal about going to Hiroshima is that it is one of the places "we" dropped the bomb. I felt a need to go there. One person suggested I go to Nakasaki, since one was dropped there also. In his opinion it is a much more beautiful city. By that time though, the ticket had been purchased. I was pretty determined to go to Hiroshima despite the hotel room issue. I figured I'd get up early Sunday morning, take a train in, go the museum, have a meal, come back late evening. After getting back on Saturday though, I took a walk on the other side of the station. This was right before dark, so I couldn't do too much exploring. I saw enough to determine that Hiroshima could wait for another visit. Another consideration was that at 5:30 Monday morning I had to take a cab to the station to get the airport limo bus to Hiroshima airport for the last leg of this air tour - Wakkanai. "Wakkanai?"

Fukuyama Castle grounds:

The castle.

There is a museum inside. You are not allowed to take photos, so I didn't.

You can, however take photos from the top tower. This is looking across to Fukuyama Station.

The tracks going to Hiroshima, where I didn't go.

The palace courtyard.

Toward Hiroshima and then a 360ยบ view  going round. There are those two spires again.

The Sujigane entrance gate. There were couples spoonin' behind here, so I moved on.

I've left the castle now. I couldn't tell if this was a cemetery or a lot of monuments. I stayed out.

There is a lot of water in Fukuyama, either flowing or stationary. 

A loquat tree. You probably have one in your back yard.

I had to find out what the two spires were. It took some walking, but I succeeded. They were having some sort of in the courtyard (looked like a wedding), so I couldn't walk in. 

Double-decker bicycle parking.

Dinner at the "Japanese with Chinese flair," place.

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