Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Hokkaido Train Tour (June 1 - 7): 6. Back to Sapporo

Okay! I was done. Since Sapporo is such a short train ride from Otaru, I didn't need to leave until the afternoon. I put the suitcase in a locker and hit the pavement on the other side of the train station, starting at a fish market right next to it.



These are what I had the night before that are not shrimp.

Somebody speaks English.

Fanciful manhole covers.

Back at the canal.
On the ride back to Sapporo, I made sure to sit on the sea-side of the train.

Neither of these are my train.

They seem to be into ferris wheels in Japan.

Men at work.

In Los Angeles I do a fair amount of gigs with J. Suzuki. I knew she'd be coming to Japan with the Percy Faith orchestra. As it turned out they were playing in Sapporo this evening at Kitaro, the great hall. I know a number of people on the tour. I met them at their hotel after their performance and a few of us went out for a bite to eat. Seb had told me that it was the beginning of the Sapporo Yosakoi Soran Festival. The streets were hoppin'.

Lee Callet (with the Percy Faith Orchestra) being happy about getting into an elevator with young sword-wielding women.

Young sword-wielding women and men in the hotel lobby.

I hadn't eaten since breakfast, so I got a squid.

The squid merchant.

The hoppin' street.

J. S. had been sick, so she is wearing a mask.

Musicians from another land waiting for yakitori. (Kushiyaki really.)

Taxis waiting for fares who can hardly stand.

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