Sunday, June 23, 2013

Tuba and Tea

No travels today, which was unfortunate since it wasn't scheduled to start raining until 11:00 PM. I had to get ready for the performance, my first since coming here. The performance was at the HUB Kyoto space. They are located in what used to be a school for training girls in the traditional arts, like flower arranging, the tea ceremony, etc. As you will see, it is a beautiful space with a stunning bamboo courtyard. I preformed a fanfare for their opening and did a cyclical performance of "Darkest Night," in one of the tea ceremony rooms. That was Seiko's idea. She saw a certain symbology of a tuba ceremony in the tea ceremony room. It made for a very intimate situation. No more than six people besides myself could fit into that room, sitting on the floor, only about a foot in front of me. It was a good thing I took a shower before I headed down there. People were happy, happy, happy; I thought it worked out fine. A NOH ensemble of three men performed before me on the main stage. I didn't see them, but they sounded very impressive. 

It is raining now and thunderstorms predicted for later in the morning. Fine, maybe I'll make some progress on the parts I have to write. Jesse found one of these lamb restaurants that does the Genghis Khan dish that is supposed to be exceptional. I am going there come rain or shine - if they are open. That dish is an Hokkaido thing, but I didn't get to it there. I tried. I even made a "way mark" for one on the GPS, but when I went back to it, the place was boarded up. Probably better I didn't make it. So I'll do it here. Then, maybe I'll check out the show at the Urbanguild. That is where I am performing on the 27th. I need to see the space before the day of.

Outside the tea room, up close.

Outside the tea room from afar.

The tuba tea ceremony.

Seiko and Meyou

Seiko and tuba player.

Meyou and tuba player.

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