Saturday, June 22, 2013

Rained-out in Kyoto

Today, Saturday June 22, was the first full day since I have been here that it hasn't rained. It was the first time I was able to get out and do some of the exploring this trip has come to be about. As I walked around, I really felt cheated out of my first three days. There is a lot to see here. Tomorrow is supposed to be dry until 11 PM, right about the time I'll be returning from my first performance. Oh joy. Well, I'll be taking a cab in any case. So, just a few photos from before today…

I am renting a room in Maki's house through for my stay in Kyoto.
We had a dinner of items Kyoto is known for...tofu. I have to say this tofu was special. Very creamy and rich, if you can describe tofu as rich. 

Vegetables and parts of chicken on a stick.


Deep-fried pieces of chicken cartilage. 

The other days...

Across the street from where I am playing tomorrow.

My environment.

Views of Kyoto from the backyard.

The house.

Misty mountains.

My room.

Late Friday afternoon the rain stopped falling for a minute, so I made my escape.

A graveyard near the house.

In actuality this whole trip has been a ruse to get a Kabuki actor's make-up brush for Oshima. This shop is a century or two old.

The sweet shop next door to the brush/broom shop.

Minimiza kabuki theatre. No shows scheduled while I am here.

Minamiza Shrine.

It started to rain again.

Today at Fushimi Inari Shrine...

Yes, that is what they were. No, I didn't have one, but wait until the dinner won't be disappointed.

The fox is the animal of the day here. I am now thinking that the two wild canines I have seen on this trip were Red Foxes. I thought they were too big to be a fox, but I've looked them up and think maybe they fit the bill.

Eventually rot always sets in.

Sometimes the rot sets in and doesn't let go.

The locals

The shrine is in the middle of a residential area.

From scenes from around Kyoto...

A bicycle parking lot. ¥100 for 8 hours. That is a deal.



When I met Meyou in Kawasaki City she learned how much I like pork. She has a favorite pig restaurant here in Kyoto where she lives.

Yes, it is pork sashimi. They advise that you eat it all within 30 minutes.

Other parts of a pig that needed to be cooked. 

Jessie, who did a performance on Friday night at the venue I will perform tomorrow night.  Jessie is based in Los Angeles.

Meyou and Tom Tom. 

Jessie, Meyou and myself. Yes, I rented a bike and rode on the streets of a Japanese city without a helmet. I really had no choice. I doubt that I'll do it again. Head trauma is not for me. 

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