Tuesday, July 23, 2013

There and back again...the end for now.

Very good. I have been home for a week. I had hoped to do this close-out earlier, but I had to hit the ground running as I had agreed to perform in the premier of Gregory Lenczycki's "Mont Blanc," for soprano, clarinet, tuba and electronics. It took a bit of doing, but I mostly got it together. I don't have a lot of photos for you in any case - some final station shots, a few of the ride to Narita Airport and a U.S. portion of pig, once I arrived home. The beginning of the flight had so much turbulence that even the pilot was on the verge of cursing. He certainly had a few words for the weather forecasters. 

So there you have it. What is left for me to do is a final report and accounting tasks. I hope you have enjoyed the photos. I will probably use this blog for any trip away from Los Angeles that results in some interesting photos, so check back occasionally. There is nothing on the books at the moment, however projects are swirling around in the air. Keep your fingers crossed.

Dress rehearsal of Lenczycki's "Mont Blanc." Juliette Dwyer - soprano, Jorge Martin - clarinet and electronics, Gregory Lenczycki - composer, electronics, William Roper - tuba. 

The last day...

Tokyo station on the way out.

I had extra time, so put my things in a locker and took a last stroll around the station. The big red symbols read, "coin locker."

On the platform waiting for the Narita Express.

I took the Green Car. Thaddeus taught me the wiseness of taking the Green Car in such situations. 

A monorail I didn't know about. Shucks!

Finally home and big meat...

A carnitas burrito. The steak had to wait a day.

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