Friday, July 12, 2013

Finally, a Japanese Hamburger

I had booked a late flight out of Ishigaki, thinking I'd probably want to hang around a bit and also anticipating some kind of possible mishap, like missing the last ferry from Hateruma. Since the typhoon waited  (should be getting fairly intense right now) I had a lot of the day free. I took a walk, then put my bus pass to work and took a round-trip ride on the route that goes up the east side of the island. Got back, did some more walking, then off to the airport. It doesn't take much time in a crowded bus to lose any and all warm feelings towards humanity. This was a public bus that hits a lot of the major hotels. Everybody seemed to be leaving at the same time. Fortunately, it doesn't stop at a hotel as lowly as mine, so I got on at the terminal. I was the first person on. I had enough sense to sit at the front. It was crazy.

First pic though, is one that Yuki took of me on Hateruma...

This is the 1st beach from the earlier post. You really would not have noticed it, if you hadn't been looking for it. In fact, you wouldn't have even taken the road. 

They were prepping here for something that I was going to miss. Never found out what.

Shots starting here are through the bus window. I cue you in when they stop.

This is a shell shop. The first thing I did when I got to town the first day was to find out about the ferry. Next I asked the ferry people about buying large shells and hope against hope, a water buffalo horn or two. Didn't find any horns that were not mounted. This guy had plenty of large shells though. Ultimately, I didn't buy any because he didn't have anything I don't already have, they were no cheaper than they are here and finally I figured even one would be a lot of trouble to get home.
A goal before I left was to eat a hamburger in Japan. I can't tell you how close I came to walking into a Burger King when I got off the train in Otaru. I actually turned around and started heading back to it, I wanted a burger so bad. I resisted. I figured it should be a burger made by a non-corporate human. Finally on Ishigaki it happened.

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