Thursday, July 4, 2013

July 5

The last Japan performance is tonight, with Diasuke, Emi and the gang. I did one of my trial-runs yesterday to get to the station where I am meeting Emi. Now more than one person has questioned the need for these trial-runs. Everyone has to find their own comfort level. If you live in a city with an extensive subway and train system you know how complicated navigation can be. But the rest of you, here is how it goes (for me anyway). You go to, enter your start and destination stations and time, then you get this. (The color coding rectangles I added.) 

There are three pages of choices, but I am giving you a break.

Then, because I don't live here, I go to a subway/train map and trace the various routes looking for which one is going to cause me the least trouble. Sometimes I draw the separate routes out for easy reference when I look at the map in-route. I load these into my iPod Touch and I know where I am going, with choices to chose from if I get lost. 

How can I get lost? These stations are big. You may have to walk half a mile to get from the gates of one line to the gates of another. Or you may have to leave the station and walk a block or two to another one because one is a Japan Rail building and the next train belongs to a private company. 

Got it? Then stop criticizing. 

Yesterday evening I went to a Kabuki performance at the newly reopened Kabukiza Theatre. I had a bit of a struggle hanging with the first act, but after that it was riveting. The work was Tokaido Yotsuya Kaidan (The Ghosts of Yotsuya).



The cast. The guy in the right corner was really evil. Big time evil. 

They don't look women to me either. Actually it was after the "Women Only" hours.

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