Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Photos from the concert at International House Japan

Yesterday I got the official photos from the dress rehearsal and concert at the International House Japan on July 2. Thanks to Manami for taking the photos and forwarding them to me. Here are a few...

All participants in the concert: Nozawa Tetsuya - shamisen, Christoper Yomei - shakuhachi, Leza Lowitz - spoken word. We are rehearsing Glenn Horiuchi's "Optics." This is a new experience for Leza. She had to be a musician in this piece, not a poet. She had injured her knee a few days before playing soccer with her son.

Shots from the concert the next day...

Christopher acted as host and interpreter. 

This is from a collaboration with video artist Joseph Santarromana - "La Petite Malambing Thang." Performing this was an emergency fix. The original plan was to show and perform to another piece in the Malambing series, "Bleu," but there were problems with the projection quality. We used "La Petite Malambing Thang" instead to which I improvised a live part to. 

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