Monday, May 20, 2013

The Space

A request was made to post some photos of my living space in Sapporo, which I am no longer at, but will return to. I booked it for this whole time so that I would have some place to keep the stuff I don't need on this excursion. Here they are. They are photos posted on, which is how I found the place as well as where I found the place I am staying in Kyoto. (That is not quite accurate. The place in Kyoto was recommended to me. She rents through, then I used them to search for a place in Sapporo. I searched in other ways as well, but this was by far the best among the choices.) Anyway, that is why I feel comfortable posting the photos. I recommend you consider if you are doing something like I am doing. It is a good alternative.

Obviously these shots were taken at a different time of year.

Yes, even my own washing machine!

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