Saturday, May 18, 2013

Kitara, Bruckner, Sakura

Yesterday I heard the Bruckner 7th at Sapporo Concert Hall, nicknamed Kitara. Thud was correct, the sound in this hall is exceptional. I was in the second row, orchestra, right-hand side. I could hear everything. For those who care, they seat the violas on the outside. I have heard a lot of very fine viola sections and I have had reason to listen to them. This orchestra has a viola section to be envied. In fact, the orchestra is absolutely worthy of the hall. Is there such a thing as an understated Bruckner 7 performance? If there is, this was one. It was more impressive by virtue of its restraint. They also performed a concert for timpani by Werner Thärichen. It wasn't as silly as it sounds. 

Later today I'll go back to that park downtown to see if there are any blossoms on the trees that were bare when I was there at the beginning of this stay. If they don't, then you won't see them. I am leaving tomorrow for the most crazy part of the trip. Okinawa, Hiroshima/Fukuyama, Wakkanai/Rebun Island. Do a Google search for Rebun Island, it is pretty extreme. Then I got real crazy and bought a 7-day JR Hokkaido Rail Pass. 

There is a lot of wearing of masks in Japan. If you want to hear about a study as to why this is done, go to the iTunes Store and find the BBC World Service, Science Hour podcast for May 12, 2013. 

Only a few photos as I didn't take the camera to the concert. These were taken with iPod Touch. Why people settle for photos taken with their phones is beyond me.

From the lobby of Kitara.

These Sakura shots are from the park where the crow was eating the crow.  I suppose meat is meat.

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