Saturday, May 18, 2013

Moerenuma Park

Yesterday (Friday) I went to Moerenuma Park. You can read about it here: That will be easier than me trying to do it. I'll just post the photos. I did do something I thought I'd never do - I rode a bike in Japan. I rode it without a helmet. There were special circumstances, as you will see.

Most hip restroom ever.

Second most hip restroom ever.

Third most hip restroom ever.

Yes, I did.

Another most hip restroom.

A granny bike, no helmet, relatively safe environment. The greatest danger is me falling over. It could have happened.

A most hip restroom.

No I didn't.

Afterwards, I decided to try the spicy ramen. 

The hot towel.

Spicy ramen...

pretty spicy.

It tasted like it had butter in it. Is this possible.

A bean-filled boa for dessert. Boa in my world anyway; here?

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