Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A Walk To Town.

On Sunday I decided to walk from the house to Sapporo Station. I guessed it would be about ten miles. At finish the pedometer had a little over ten miles. It was fun, but I won't pretend that I wasn't beat. On the way, I stopped at Kitara - Sapporo Concert Hall to purchase my ticket for the Bruckner 7 performance. They brought out an English speaker to sell me the ticket. After purchasing, I asked her if it was a good hall? She smiled demurely and said, "Yes, very good." Then I asked if the orchestra was good? Another smile, "We're rather proud of it." Now "Thud," tells me (and he would know) that it is one of the best halls on the planet. No wonder she was smiling. She was probably trying to figure which turnip truck I fell off of.

Bridge over the Toyohira river.

Looking north towards Sapporo Station.

Looking south.

Sopporo Fire Dept. Rapid Water Rescue Team training. Film at 11:00. Maybe.

The unlucky one that had to go in. It was a very cold day. That water had to be freezing.

The truck let us know it wasn't a bunch of kids playing around.

Looking back towards the bridge.

The Toyohira River.

Trumpet player practicing. Its hard to get away from these guys.

Another bridge, looking north.

Some strangeness in the river.

They are trying, but it is still cold. 

They are really trying.
Always good to know when the last train is.

Now if I can make it work, film at 11:00

I don't know if this worked or not. It is not working in the composer. I will check in the preview, but generally nothing works there. Then I will publish the blog and see if it works there. If not, I'll remove it. If it does work, you'll see a watermark from the software company I used to convert the video. I am on their trial period. If it works, maybe I'll buy it. There are upcoming videos from the visit to the Ainu Museum in Shiroai. Shiroai decided me on a thing or two.

Oookay, you don't see the vid. I can't keep bothering. Maybe later. The software converted it fine. I suspect blogspot. So it goes. 

There it is. Very strange. I'm going to try to play it. Colors, everything is looking weird. I'm going to publish and move on.

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