Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Could be the last one...

Could be the last one…

In a rush again. Have to get to bed and get some sleep. It has already passed 1:00 AM. Not out and about as much as I would have liked today. I was trying to figure how to get to two places. Thursday, I am going to the Haebaru Town Museum. That proves to be fairly easy, but it took hours to figure it out. I am talking about buses. Worse, it got into my head to go to Hedo Misaki. That has taken two days of researching. It proved just to silly to try to get there on public transportation. I was convinced I could to it, though it would take forever (and then I'd have to get back), until I talked to the one English-speaking guy at the bus depot. He said everything would be fine (slow, but fine) until my last bus. For that I would need to call, "because the village runs the bus." He said this as we were looking at a schedule. There were many times on the schedule, which I pointed out. He informed me that doesn't mean anything, the bus may or may not be running, "because the village runs the bus."

I've decided to rent a car. This is probably very foolhardy. I don't have time to go through what it took to reserve the car. Most of the trouble is that there are few English speakers at any of these companies, at least when I need them. I have many worries, but my biggest right now is that I forgot to request an English-speaking GPS. Now the guy at the bus terminal says that I'll be fine as long as the ocean stays on my left. That is probably true, there aren't a lot of roads up there. 

Anyway, if there are no more posts, you will know why. Don't send flowers, eat some pig in memory of me. 

To make it worse, the prediction is 90% chance of thunder storms. I might not see anything for all of my trouble.

Breakfast (or lunch) is included in my room charge. These were from lunch on the top floor (18) of the building. I tried a lot of items. Then some shots from my errands try to get mess together and finally dinner, which I didn't need because I wasn't hungry. One of my missions in Okinawa is to eat, so I had to eat. I take changes just walking into places. This place's fare turned-out not to be particularly Okinawan, so in that sense it was a wasted meal. I enjoyed it in spite of that issue.

The art museum.

The first laundromat I've seen in Japan.

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  1. The signage for the Russian place is hilarious. Kevin sent you email for his party, but it bounced back. I told him you're eating your way around Japan. I forget when you return. Thanks again for pix. It's the closest I'll ever get. What do you do with those fish dishes with the heads on? Ewwwww....