Wednesday, September 28, 2022

The Bones (and Whatnot) Pay Off Again

 I have all of these strange and exotic instruments. Most I buy, some I make. Here are three links to videos that demonstrate some of these: Video 1, Video 2, Video 3. Generally I use them for my own projects. Every now and then I get to use them on projects that get some wider exposure, like this project. That first video is an outlier. Usually on these types of jobs there is no credit. The sounds I produce are just part of the sound design. That was the case on one of the Shrek movies. But here's a recent one where I did get credit, the new Amazon series The Rings of Power. This link is to composer Bear McCreary's blog in which he gives me a credit. And here is a photo of the bones that came in yesterday. Eventually I'll make instruments of them. This time, since I have plenty of bone trumpets, I think I'll go a little further and add bells of horn and maybe mouthpiece rims. We'll see. It'll take awhile. The four in the foreground are buffalo, the long one in back is a 25-inch giraffe metatarsal leg bone.  

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