Sunday, September 11, 2022

A new femur video is up. To watch, click HERE.

September already! S for studio. On Labor Day did that recording of Jonathon Mandabach's work. I was too busy with high notes to take any photos, but did capture a spontaneous improvisation with a stool by Corey Fogel. 

 The very next day I did a session led by the Norwegian free improvisation master Frodé Gjerstad. The woodwind master flew into town to record with Bobby Bradford, Alex Cline and myself. Needless to say, musically it was a freewheeling time at Nolan Shaheed's studio in Pasadena. Frodé left the next day - in on Saturday, out on Wednesday. Hopefully he will still like the results after repeated listening. Things sometimes change.

You'll remember that performance at 2220 Music & Archives back in July that I did with Ute Wasserman? As we were accepting the applause of our rather satisfyingly large audience, I acted on a whim and queried as to whether she'd be interested in the two of us doing a recording session? She said "Yes," and there you have it. This past Thursday (September 8) I picked her up from the Villa Aurora and we head south to Wayne Peet's Killzone Studio. After setup and a nosh of some very tasty and sturdy cornbread that Ute had brought along, we got to it. I think the result is very good. We have one more piece to edit and then we'll have to decide what to do with it. We are going to put it out one way or another, it is just a question of deciding which way. When you hear it, you're going to be lovin' it!

Afterward we went to Bernie's Soul Food Kitchen in Culver City. I had ox tail and Ute went for the rib tips.

And a reasonable harvest of Peruvian apples. The height of the cactus makes them very difficult to harvest.

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