Sunday, September 11, 2022

Things Get Wild!

July came to an end with my second concert with Wild Up! and a recording session for a composition by local piano hero, Bobby West.

Wild Up! preformed Julius Eastman's "Femenine," at the Broad. Now in the winter of my life, I've performed two Eastman pieces and both of them with Wild Up! The group is getting recognition for the recognition they are giving to Eastman's music. The lobby of the Broad was a great place to do the piece. Yes, it is echoey and boomy, but that adds to the piece's ability to mesmerize then surprise. The ensemble was large, with strings, saxes, flutes, trombones, tuba and of course, percussion. No keyboard. Thank goodness for that! There was a huge, respectful crowd in attendance.  

Bobby West is a locally based jazz pianist and composer. Actually he is one of those bi-continental folks, as he spends half the year playing jazz in Asia. He was commissioned by Lori Precious to compose the music for a multidisciplinary work based on the brutal murder of Mary Turner. You can read her story as well as get a sense of the project by clicking here. I was to be asked to participate in the project. 

P.S. There are some very highly respected players in this photos from many genres of music. A crackin' crew was assembled.

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