Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Guys out on the town.


Up until 3:46 PM today, I have been staying in Roppongi-ku. It is a up-scale, hipster, glam area full of expats, embassies, hard core shopping opportunities and a night life that looks like it could easily be pushed to the seamy side. Roppongi means "six trees." (六本木) There is a history to that name having to do with trees and/or six rich guys with swords. I liked it there. I was warned to be careful at night. After walking around several evenings, I was able to see the wisdom in that advice. The hotel at the IHJ is hip, but it is not cheap. I wanted to be there long enough to get my bearings, which I now have, then get out.

Now I am in Azabu-ku. Not very far from Roppongi; one subway stop and really walking distance. That's hip, because I intend to go back to the soba restaurant for sure and probably the Thai one as well.

Looking west toward Roppongi from the Tokyo Tower
A restaurant's front window.
This is in the Roppongi Hills living and shopping complex. There is probably something sleazy going on here that I don't understand.
IHJ with the Mori Tower in the background on the right.

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