Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Back to Kawasaki

A Yakitori stand in Kawasaki.
 Back to Kawasaki on Sunday for my meeting with Miyuki. Miyuki is a movement artist based in Kyoto. We needed to see if there is any possibility of our collaborating when I go there. We have decided to give it a try. The trip was easy since I had done my pre-trip. I hoped to get photos of people having their picnics by the river but the sociology of that particular train car did not allow for such shinanigans.

The biggest 7/11 I've ever seen.
After the meeting we decided to find a spot for dinner in town since she was not overly thrilled with the restaurants in the building where she works. We roamed the streets for a short while, then entered the first place that looked really interesting.

The night streets of Kawasaki.
 It was a great find. I marked it on my GPS. If you are coming here soon: N 35º36.030'/ E139º36.713'. The only seats available were not seats, but the traditional take your shoes off and sit on the floor set-up. That is not the most comfortable situation for an old guy, with old injuries like myself, but I managed.

The Good Luck Cafe.

The food was worth it. Yes, it was.

You get a discount if you write you order yourself.

The complimentary starter.

Tai in aspic.

Fried sardines with onion pickle. If your eyes were closed, you'd say it was pickled herring.


House specialty - fried chicken patty.

In background: tempura of a spring vegetable, not one I've had before.

One of the chefs.

His handiwork.

Happy after the meal. The waiter from the restaurant across the street took this shot. I guess it is a friendly competition between them.

The train station on the way back. Pretty busy for a Sunday, but then again, it is Golden Week.

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