Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Changing to new digs today. It will be a challenge, but they are fairly close by. As long as I give the cab driver a map, I should be okay. That is how it is here, you have to give cab drivers a map.

This will be fast. I've only eaten in restaurants four times so far. Otherwise, I have been buying meals from the convenience stores (7/11). The meals from there are very good and cheap. I'll be able to do some cooking in the new digs, which will cut down on expenses.

So, four meals, three establishments. Of the three, only one has been Japanese. This is because I haven't been able to tell going in that the food was of another country, all signage being in Japanese. Once I see the people working or the food, I know what is happening, but by then I am committed. That's fine, all the meals have been tasty. It went from Chinese to Japanese to Vietnamese back to Chinese. (Wheat noodles, soba, curry, wheat noodles.)

Looks Japanese to me.
Not Japanese.
Noodles with pig & egg.
Shrimp curry, set meal.

Back to the Chinese. Noodles with a different pig.