Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Ebisu & Carl Stone

Yesterday (Monday) was "Showa Day." I met up with Carl Stone who has lived here for 12 years. Carl is an internationally recognized composer, cosmopolite and bon vivant. He speaks Japanese fluently and knows the city like the back of his hand. In addition to all of that, he is a foodie. After a tea for me and espresso for him, we set out for the Ebisu district in search of some victuals.

It was a holiday, so a lot of the places he knew, were closed. We stopped in at NADiff, an extremely nice gallery and art book store. Carl is friends with the director, to whom I was introduced. Carl then asked him for advice for a restaurant in the area, preferably serving very Japanese, and distinctive food. In what is typical Japanese fashion, the director escorted us to an area with several restaurants. Now this is saying something, for though it was a holiday for many, this guy was working. It was no small gesture.

I can't tell you the name of the restaurant we choose, don't remember it. But it is around here (35º38.869', 139º42.717') someplace. We got our booth and got down to business. With the help of Carl's consultation and interpretive abilities, we choose a tasty variety of dishes.

The complimentary starter - red flesh: raw.

Some red flesh: cooked.

A close-up of same red flesh, because it was so delicious.

White flesh: raw.

White flesh: cooked

Red flesh: raw
 There were also oysters, but I seemed to have failed to shoot those; maybe because I didn't eat them.
A pancake with lots of stuff in it and on it.

The pancake again. It hit the spot.


  1. Your trip tastes like a good one. I mean, "looks" like a good one. Did you get Jack's email?

  2. If the message was about a change of e-address, I got it. If it was about something else, I did not.