Saturday, April 20, 2013


For these first few days I am staying at the International House of Japan. ( They are the folks that administer the program I am on. They have a full hotel as well. The grounds are beautiful. On Wednesday I will leave this nest and really strike out on my own. More of that later; on to photos:

Here is my room. Quite small, but I need the boundaries right now. Ask any astronaut, a guy in space really needs his spaceship.

IHJ has a hip breakfast buffet that is included in the fee. Here is some rice porridge that I garnished with some very small, pickle fish. Delicious (おいしい).


Some kind of white fish with bacon and some veggies. 

IHJ has two restaurants. I haven't tried the other one yet. This one overlooks a beautiful garden. Yesterday there was a traditional Japanese wedding taking place. I got the shots I could without being the "ugly American."

At night there is a great view of the Tokyo Tower from the hallway window of my floor...

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  1. You're not in Kansas anymore. Any pancakes at the Int'l House of Japan?