Tuesday, August 9, 2022

A Walk and a Ride (06/29/2022)

 The next day was the sound check/rehearsal for the big show. At dinner the previous night, my video camera told me the SD card was full. I didn't believe it then and I don't believe it now. Just the same, I had to act on the information. I fired up my MUNI app and prepared for a trip to BestBuy before rehearsal. The museum was on the way to the bus stop, so I got a good shot of it. I also ran across a Farmer's Market adjacent to the museum and had to walk through there, going and coming back. On the return trip I purchased some dumplings for a snack. There is a photo of them in brown paper wrapping. These had the thickest dough I've ever experienced for a dumpling. So thick that I discarded most of it and just ate the insides. This left room for a real lunch at Arbor, one of those boarding on ritzy spots near the hotel. Finally there are a couple of shots of the sister/brother duo in Francis' ensemble. I took no pictures of the bus ride. It is too tight in those buses to be taking photos of folks you don't know. I will say that if you think L.A. buses are scuzzy,  take a ride on some of the lines that serve downtown San Francisco. Like here, for the most part it seems that the only people that ride them are the people that have to.

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