Friday, October 2, 2015

From May 6 to Now (Oct. 2)_#3

Shots from a walk around Altadena, where I live.

I belong to a burger eating club with some heavy-hitting musicians and artists: Kio Griffith, Carl Stone, Roland Kato and Alan Nakagawa. On 08/04/2015 we tried Hawkins. It was happenin'! And then a stop by the nearby Watts Towers.

Heidi Duckler asked me to do the music for a performance of her dance company. The performance will be in October. Heidi specializes in site-specific pieces. This performance will be at a partially used health care facility. Judicanti Responsura (Joseph Mitchell and myself) will provide the music, with special guest artist Michael Vlatkovich on trombone.

The burger group went for hot dogs on this day.

Jazz legend Bobby Bradford has formed a new group, the "Tete-a-Tete." Our premiere performance was at LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art.)

In Los Angeles, the Obon season ends with Nisei Week. You know that from last year's entries. Then dinner at a Oaxacan restaurant.

The Cereus repandus are blooming.

The burger group strayed again. We tried out a barbecue place is passed on the way home from Hawkins. This place is called Randolph's. It was pretty good. 

Finally! Up to date. Hopefully it will never be this long between posts again.

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