Sunday, October 4, 2015

Cereus repandus Harvest

Remember those shots of the Cereus repandus in bloom? If the blooms get pollenated by a moth, when the flower falls off, a fruit will grow. Last year there were a lot of flowers, but I got only one fruit. This year is better. I got a few today and there are more on the cactus. I took these off before they were fully ripe. They are tasty, but not as sweet as when more ripe. Waiting for them to fully ripen can be problematic, because the birds like them too. You have to keep a sharp eye out to protect your fruit. Driving around the city, I see a lot of these cactus with fruit. I am sure that in most cases the people don't eat the fruit. They probably don't know that they are edible. I am sometimes tempted to ask if I can harvest their fruit. Here is a link with a lot of information about Cereus repandus:

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