Monday, May 4, 2015

Cinco de Mayo in San Bernardino

Cinco de Mayo is here. I am sure there were big doings down at Olvera Street, but that is not where I was this weekend. I was doing a Cinco de Mayo gig in San Bernardino with their local orchestra. It is the same program that we played in Fontana that I had photos of in the August 20, 2014 post. And yes, I did pretty much the same thing, got there early, did a short walk around the neighborhood (short, because I didn't get there all that early), then did the show. I am really getting tired of this program. Sunday was the third time we've done it. We have to do it two more times that I know of. Lawd, give me strength. There was a barbecue guy at the festival. I didn't eat any, because that is not where I wanted to take my stomach before a performance. A bottle of Mountain Dew was what I was after. But we had a very good and fun conversation. He knows whereof he speaks. I will deal with his product in the future. He asked me if I was an actual roper, or if it is just my name. He used to be a roper, as in horse and cows. Then we talked about eating horse. He's had a little, I've had a little. Click [here] his company's website . Check it out. 

Photos from the day:

Looking east along East Highland Ave.

These guys are marking lines for parking spaces on a newly paved lot. I  have never seen this done before. They use string that has been soaked in white paint. They place it on the asphalt, then lift it up and let it snap back to make the mark. That is what the guy on the right is doing with his uplifted hand.

There is a drought in California. 

That is a very strange way for a tree to grow. 

The festival.

These are the guys I mentioned:

Packing up after their part of the show.

A happy couple.


and more dancers.

I am sure I have seen some of these women elsewhere around the region at other festivals.

They are very accommodating for photo ops. 

The night sky as I prepare to drive home. It is a long drive - 60 miles.

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