Saturday, May 2, 2015

A Lantern Festival, A Local Kirwa, Mamey and Banana Blossoms

Festivals have been few and far between. Life is slower in winter. In February there was the Lantern Festival, put on by the Chinese American Museum. The museum is located in El Pueblo de Los Angeles Plaza or Olvera Street, as you know it from other posts. Yes, there are many ethnicities sharing spaces in this city. I made a quick and early stop at the festival. I was on my somewhere else; I don't remember where. There wasn't that much to see or do. The real action starts at dusk when the dragon comes out. Do a Google image search on the festival to see a lot of cool night time images. 

During my times in Bavaria, I got into the local Kirwa celebrations. A Kirwa is a parish anniversary celebration. In Bavaria it lasts a few days and is good work for whatever band is doing it. There is a Catholic church down the road from me here in Altadena. I have always wanted to attend their celebration, their Kirwa, as it were, but this is the first year I have managed. Nothing like what goes on in Schwandorf, but close enough. People seemed to be having a good time. 

Finally, it is Mamey season. I don't really love this fruit, but it is weird enough that I feel obligated to buy one or two each year. 

Speaking of food. This is the first year I have tried banana blossoms. They are tasty, though less exciting than they look. I prepared them in various methods. I like them, but they are now out of the stores. They are a bit of work to prepare, but not outrageous. 

The Lantern Festival

The Kirwa in Bavaria

Then to Altadena 

A very different kind of Kirwa band.

The parish church.
Some wild plants at the Protestant church across the street.

Mamey closed.

Mamey opened.
Banana blossom. Tasty.

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