Monday, July 24, 2023

On the Road Again! July 24 for July 14 & 15

 I am back in my favorite Bavarian village of Fronburg. It is Friday; I got here on Tuesday. I am not over the jet lag, but things are better. I've been a bit busy here, but I'll get to that in future posts. For now a quick recap of the weekend before departure. 

CuZns performed as itself, then with Karl Evangelista's quintet last Friday at Automata. An evening of free improvisation. I think it was one of CuZns' more risky performances. That duo can go places. And it did. As did Karl's quintet. Improvising is difficult work, but I managed to have a little fun in the process.

The next day we were all at Wayne Peet's studio to record. Free improvisation again. It is great not to have to read any notes. Of course, if the leader says, "Do it again!," you're in a world of trouble. 

CuZns is: Bobby Bradford, William Roper

The Karl Evangelista Quintet is: Karl Alfonso Defensor Evangelista,  Margaret Rei Scampavia Evangelista, Robert Lopez, Bobby Bradford, William Roper.

Photos courtesy of Cassia Streb, Jennifer Bewerse, Kim Kahn, Wayne Peet and yours truly. 

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