Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Getting Here July 26 for July 18 & 19

 It took a lot of doing, but I was ready (or at least had done as much as was going to be done) to leave on Tuesday afternoon. Leave for where? Schwandorf, Bavaria. It was sort of a last minute happening and surprise. There'll be more about it as the blog progresses. For now just know that I'm doing a residency at the Kebbel Villa - Oberpfälzer Künstlerhaus in Fronberg, a suburb of Schwandorf. I'm working on video project. Editing to be specific. Very, very tedious. I may do some composition, if I have the time, but that is not a priority. 

So, take off from LAX at around 5:10 PM. An almost 12 hour flight. Amazingly, the middle seat was empty. That makes all the difference. The flight was fine. Then I had to deal with the trains. I like riding on trains. But not on crowded trains during rush hour. I buy first class tickets for trains. Especially when I have luggage. Especially when traveling when school is letting out and it is rush hour. Something I was taught by a world-wise friend. However it is a waste of money if you've bought the ticket, but the train ends up not having a first class car. There ended up being plenty of room on that train though. The second train, that had a first class car, packed us in like sardines. I had to stand for that whole ride, which lasted at least 90 minutes. After that 12 hour plane ride. Ultimately I arrived in Schwandorf, was met at the station by a staff member and we headed to the Villa.

Bradley Terminal LAX

                 Train change at Freising.

Munich Airport


The ALEX train. Munich to Prague; it stops in Schwandorf. 

                And back in Schwandorf after 13 years!

Look, when these pages are published the photos end up in an order and positions that I did not place them in. This blog program pretty much does what it wants and ignores me. It is very frustrating, but we'll have to deal with it. 

Luggage including the Travel Tuba.


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