Friday, May 27, 2022

Trip to the Bay Area for...

performances at Thi Ca Sử Việt 9 and Bird & Beckett Bookstore with the Francis Wong's new quartet.

Here are some shots from the trip up today. I usually take some combination of the small roads between the Highway 101 and Interstate 5 on my way up to the Bay Area. It takes a lot longer, but is a more satisfying drive. I've never stopped in the oil town of Taft before, so decided this was the time. There are a few eateries there I want to try. Today it was Jo's Diner. I may go through Taft on the way back, though lately I've been taking the small roads east of Interstate 5. There is a BBQ place I'd like to try. Time will tell. 

There are also some shots here of the preparations for Coalinga's Horned Toad Derby Festival, which starts tonight. I'll miss it on this trip. It is definitely a small town affair, but more fun than you might think. 

Finally sone shots from a walk around Oyster Point Park, since I got into South San Francisco too early to check into the motel. 

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