Friday, July 6, 2018

Night Riders - Mark Weber

Back on June 18, I did a recording session playing music of Michael Vlatkovich and some free improvisation. The project is for poet Mark Weber, who is based in Albuquerque. Weber commissioned Vlatkovich to set the poems from his book "Night Riders," to music. Vlatkovich did it for various-sized ensembles. The full project included a live performance on Open Gate Theatre's New Music Sundays series back in February. I was not able to do the live performance for the reason that I have been out of things for awhile and will eventually tell you about. Vlat and Mark were kind enough to delay my participation in the recording until I was back in the swing. 

The live performance was for a large ensemble. As I recall, percussion, two woodwinds, trombone, tuba (a sub) and Mark. That group, minus the tuba, recorded the week after the concert. On the 18th, I added the written tuba parts. Also on the 18th we did improvised music to Mark's readings with a trio consisting of Bobby Bradford, Vlatkovich and myself. This ensemble, minus Mark, has performed live in the world as "Wachet Auf." Wayne Peet engineered the recording at Newzone Studio. 

As it goes with recordings, I have no idea when the project will come out. In the meantime you should check out Mark's blog at  He always has interesting commentary and his photos are a real treasure. 

A photo of "Wachet Auf," from several years ago.

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