Friday, July 6, 2018

Music, Music and More Music

It is rare enough that a piece of mine ever gets performed. It is even rarer that I am not involved in the performance, either playing or its production. This year however, I have had two pieces performed in concerts on two festivals in the Los Angeles area. Great days! On top of that, last year I had a piece programed by an ensemble in the Boston area. I haven't gotten used to it yet, but if it continues to happen, I might.

Last November, the Sonic Liberation Players, headed by Trevor Berens, performed "Poem for Emmett Till," for solo cello. The exemplary performance was by Rachel Barringer. In April, the Hear Now Festival of New Music by Contemporary Los Angeles Composers, presented my "Und Heute Fünf Schwäne," for soprano and flute. It was executed magnificently by Holly Sedillos - soprano and Rachel Beetz - flute.  Two performances were given on different days. Most recently, in early June, the Dog Star Orchestra, performed "Fishin' dem Bones," as part of their two week festival of contemporary music. This festival led by Casey Anderson and Michael Pisaro is in its 14th year. They also performed the piece twice, but within hours. That was special. In the case of both festivals, the two performances were very different from each other. The differences were especially notable with the back-to-back performance of "Fishin' dem Bones." 

Rachel Barringer

Holly Sedillos and Rachel Beetz. The wayward Bavarian is in the middle.

With Casey Anderson.

With Michael Pisaro.

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