Friday, May 19, 2017

Asian Improv Nation Trip_Day 1

Right now I am in Redwood City, CA. On Sunday I will perform with an ensemble put together by Francis Wong for a program in the continuing celebration of Asian Improv's 30th anniversary. I drove up. I like the drive. Actually, it doesn't cost that much more to rent a car, plus gas than it does to fly. Especially when you count in that I'd have to rent a car once I got here anyway. Also, if I flew the tuba that I put in the trunk, the flight would actually be much more. 

These days, when I drive to the Bay Area, I take a scenic route up. It takes forever. Seven to eight hours. But it is beautiful. Much more hip than Highway 101 and in a totally different universe than Interstate 5. However, on the way back, I usually take the 5. For some reason, when it is time to come home, I really want to get home. Interstate 5 is the unbeatable expressway to SoCal from the north. This trip though, I'm taking the 101 back. I don't like driving the 101. Generally I find the drivers of that highway extremely reckless. I also have a problem with the physical aspects of the road. The lanes seem narrower? The asphalt not as rich and black? Something. It is hard to put my finger on. But I am on the 101 side of the bay. I don't feel like crossing over to get to the I-5.  If I take the 101, it means I can stop at Taco Temple in Morro Bay for lunch and revisit their sweet potato enchiladas. Or maybe I'll wait until I get to San Luis Obispo to stop at G. Brothers Smokehouse. I remember that they can serve up a tasty repast. A good variety of sauces. I could have the meal at the Temple and get the Que to go. So much food, so little space. 

Anyway, I want to give you my route heading north. You should give it a try sometime. I warn you though, don't do it unless your car is absolutely reliable. For half of this route, if you have trouble, there is no help. You might as well give up the ghost, because it is going to be you, the coyotes, bears and mountain lions. 

From Altadena: I-210 N > I-5 N > SR-166 W > SR-33 N > SR-25 (Airline Hwy) > Shore Rd E (in Hollister) > Frazier Lake Rd N > SR-152 W (Haunted Hwy) > US-101. From here it is B flat highway travel. 

I will add images from the route when I get back to Los Angeles. For now just a shot of lunch. Beef hot links that they make themselves at Carmen & Family BBQ in Hayward.

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