Sunday, January 10, 2021

Pigs, Pigs, Oh! Those Tasty Pigs

 So, it is a new year. 2021. I'm going to give this another go after a very long break. Here in Los Angeles we are in the middle of a huge COVID-19 spike. 318 deaths so far today in L.A. County. Needless to say there has been no work really since this has started. No music work, no food work. The odd outdoor music job here and there. I think I've only done three since last March, 2020. Anything else I do is online. 

2020 was going to be a big year for me. I won't go into details now. That would take too long. What I want to do with this blog right now is just short entries. Some links. Some photos. That way I have a chance of keeping it going. 

2020 was going to be a big year for me. One of those biggies was that Southland Ensemble was going to do a program dedicated to my works. Didn't/couldn't happen. But through an offshoot of theirs, the Middle Ear Project, they are doing video productions of six of the solo works and one ensemble work. They've produced and released three of the solo works and later this month will release the ensemble work, Pigs, Pigs, Oh! Those Tasty Pigs. The musical performances are excellent. As impressive is their embracing and exploitation of the video medium. They make the musical pieces into video works. I am very pleased. 

Here are links to the three solo pieces:

Vespertilio Murinus - Lied Der Naab

Procyon lotor– Überall Hänge Ich Meinen Hut ist Haus:

My Head Is Always Down For I No Longer Look For You

The release of Pigs, Pigs, Oh! Those Tasty Pigs is coming up. Here is the link (useless by the time you read this) to that happening:

Actually, it is not useless, because you can subscribe for upcoming productions/concerts. I suppose it is possible that once you do that, you'll have access to past presentations, but I am not sure. 

Here are some shots and maybe videos from the promo efforts for Pigs. I am hoping that it is easier to embed vids on here now than it used to be. If not, you won't see them. 

They had me make a postcard. It is a perk for their subscribers.

And they had me record an introduction to the piece. 

And finally, a little bit of the piece:

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