Monday, December 31, 2018

Whirlwind Catch-All 1

Okay, it is the last day of 2018 and I am way behind. So...this post is going to mainly be photos from the last four months with little commentary. I use the "1," because I am sure it will take more than one post. This platform gets very clunky if the post are too long. So here we go...

First public performance after the incident. It was with old colleagues Anna Homler and Michael Intrere at Coaxial.

Later in the month Purple Gums took a trip to Bakersfield, CA at the invitation of Kris Tiner, to play on the Panorama Creative Music Festival at Bakersfield College. Of course, we stopped for food along the trail.

Big fig harvest. Jam and this year also jelly. I wanted to give it a try using the fruit from one of the later pickings. I am trimming the tree this year. It is getting too tall. Experience tells me there won't be much of a harvest next year, maybe no fruit at all. That's okay, I have enough.

Brad Dutz invited Bobby and I to play with him at Sun Space, in Shadow Hills. It is a nice, intimate space, far from the maddening crowd.

Vijay Anderson, got his Silverscreen Sextet project onto the Angel City Jazz Festival this year. We performed at The World Stage. The last two photos were taken by Chuck Koton.

Bassist Lisa Mezzacappa brought a group down from the Bay Area to play at the A.C. Jazz Festival. She, along with Charles Sharp and Jeff Schwartz put together a guided jam with musicians from L.A. and the Bay Area. This happened at Coaxial.

I also had a good crop of Peruvian apples this year. There are cactus in the neighborhood that fruit every year. The one here is stingy. Last year there were none.

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