Monday, December 31, 2018

Whirlwind Catch-All 3 - The Incident

This post too, is going to be short. Much shorter than I intended, but I need to move along. I need to finish pruning the fig tree before it gets dark. Here's the deal: on Jan. 22, half a block from home, crossing the intersection IN the crosswalk, on a NEW GREEN LIGHT, when I was hit by a car turning left. I went high into the air and revolved. Time slowed, as it does in these situations. I said to myself, "Everything depends on how you hit the ground." Then I hit the ground. I was very lucky. I did not die. I did not hit my head and suffer brain damage. My spine was not damaged. I did suffer a fractured tibia plateau of my left leg. The tibia plateau is in the knee complex. Though this is better than the possibilities I listed, it was still catastrophic. I was bed-bound for months; I had months of physical therapy. I still am not back to normal. I often wonder if I will ever be. I won't dwell on the work I lost, except to say that I had been contracted to do a series of concerts with the Frankfurt Radio Symphony. That opportunity went down the drain. You can imagine what else, because of course, as soon as you become unavailable, everybody wants you. The way of the world. So it goes. are some shots from the ER and of the recovery. That will close out 2018. Here's looking forward to 2019, which already looks promising on some fronts.


Something had to be rigged up for me to get up those two steps with crutches. It became easier when I got the walker.

This is where I fell facedown the night (about 2AM) I returned from the emergency room.  Crutches are dangerous. You see that I could have been killed by that fall.

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